BESA is Source Buy Sell’s Business Expense and Savings Audit program that aims to transform your business’ procurement division and save your business money, wherever possible. BESA works alongside our third-party procurement management so savings are realised through sourcing sustainable products and services at competitive rates, managing contract terms and conditions, and building long-term relationships with vendors.

What BESA Does?

We provide a deep dive audit into your business’ expenses to find proven, replicable ways to save your business money. Areas we audit include:

  • Inventory (stationery etc.)
  • Staff management (offshoring)
  • Warehousing and office space
  • nsurances
  • Leasing
  • Energy
  • MHE equipment
  • Printing
  • Consumables
  • Labour Hire
  • Your business purchases

​​​How BESA Works?

  1. ​Benchmark and audit – in depth audit of all current and existing agreements, invoices, and accounts from all vendors.
  2. Analyse and optimise – analyse current vendor contracts and rate cards to compare against market rates and within our network to ensure we get you the best price possible.
  3. Implement and manage – presentation of our cost-savings recommendations that works towards your business budget. Once chosen, we implement the project plan and manage the process end-to-end.

​The Aims of BESA

  • Identify unused, underutilised, or excess expenses and inventory
  • Identify billing errors in vendor fees and rates by analysing invoices
  • Make indirect spending transactions transparent
  • Reallocate spending in the right places to make meaningful and sensible impact in your business

Simple 3-Step Process

  • We will sign an NDA to secure your privacy and IP.
  • Let us Audit your invoices and supplier network
  • We will provide a comprehensive report on your savings.

What BESA Costs?

​It’s free, as we only charge you an agreed percentage of your business’ cost savings.

It’s not better, it’s BESA.