Who is Source Buy Sell?

The brainchild of a team of Australian and international experts with over three decades’ experience in the procurement and supply chain industry, Source Buy Sell (SBS) was founded in January 2019 to provide businesses with top-tier procurement services once only reserved for big companies.

Experience is an easy word to throw around. Source Buy Sell backs it up with 30 years of managing huge corporate supply chains across the transport and warehousing industry, as well as owning and managing factories throughout Asia.

Our network of contacts is vast, and our expertise unparalleled in the procurement space. We always aim to form long term relationships with our suppliers and clients to build trust and ensure sustainable high-quality work end-to-end.

Flexible in our thought processes and solutions, we constantly think outside the box to drive innovations and improvements in the procurement and supply chain space. We love being able to save businesses money by showing them a better way of doing things. We assist companies who want better buying power for their products and services, and we love working with businesses with or without a procurement model who are looking for experts to run their purchasing arms.

While no job is too small, we always see the forest for the trees. Two 2020 examples of our major projects are the provision of wharf cartage and road transportation services for a $135 million wind farm in Northern Queensland, and the centralisation of an $87M supply chain companies procurement requirements.

Our point of difference? We provide a deep dive audit into your business that will show proven, replicable ways to save money, which comes entirely free to you as our first step in transforming your procurement division. There are no obligations or strings attached. Let us prove our worth to you and you’ll soon see the difference.

We find opportunities within your purchasing framework that will bring major benefits to your business and we are eager to manage your procurement department if required. There’s nothing to lose—our fee is just a percentage of the money saved.

Our major projects arm (short, medium and long term) is offset by our second specialty arm. If you need something—from stretch wrap to pallets, labour hire to business cards, literally anything you want to brand—we will find it for you and negotiate the best price.

If we don’t have a supplier in mind, we will find the right one for you. It’s that simple. Our experts have worked and lived around the globe for over 30 years and have reliable contacts everywhere it matters. You can be assured we have every industry covered. We never compromise on quality and never supply cheap and unreliable products. That means we bring you sustainable high-quality products and services at the best price by leveraging our global supply network.

Please see Source Buy Sell’s statement pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Vision

At Source Buy Sell we aim to create a sustainable procurement purchasing advantage for your business by providing quality sourced products and services at a cost below current benchmark.

Our Mission

Reducing your expense base

Sustainable products

Quality is never compromised

Future proofing your business

Leverage your supplier network