Source Buy Sell manufactures all types of storage equipment and specifically offers the following products on demand: Cable Racks, Drawer Racks, Wire Mesh Cages, Mesh Boxes, Solid-Wall Boxes, Stacking Racks, Unit Shelving, Wire Mesh Decking, and Tyre Racks.

Our manufacturing production process uses advanced technology such as profile rolling, shelf processing, and surface spraying to produce high-quality professional products to suit any environment.

We Supply the Following:

Cable Rack

Heavy cable rack is widely used with power supply, energy, and in chemical industry, etc.

Drawer Rack

Drawer Rack is mainly used to store a variety of mold materials.

Wire Mesh Cage

Wire Mesh Cage is widely used for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products storage, distribution, and other logistics operation processes.

Mesh Box

The material box surface is treated by shot blasting technique that can better eliminate rust oil, phosphating, and sewage pollution problems. It meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Solid Wall Box

Solid-wall Box is convenient and flexible to use, and has a strong carrying capacity. Widely used in raw materials, as semi-finished and finished products’ storage, for distribution and other logistics operation processes.

Stacking Rack

Qiao frame also known as the stack frame, has uniform specifications and fixed capacity. Easy to use three-dimensional storage for goods, achieving effortless warehouse inventory.

Unit Shelving

Unit Shelving uses a special method to superimpose 820 tracks on 900 and all welded processes has exceptional durability.

Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Decking is light, flexible, fire resistant, waterproof and has anti-rust. It also improves storage capacity and is way much cheaper than wooden pallet yet more durable.

Tyre Rack

The tyre frame is a metal container with a flexible structure, uniform size and fixed capacity.
Suitable as a storage for goods, for leasing a warehouse, to achieve easy inventory.