Offshoring Services

At Source Buy Sell we know how advantageous streamlining your business’ administration can be to gain the competitive edge. Through our trusted global network and long-term experience, we offer an employee offshoring function for administration and operational services to achieve a significant reduction in costs and improve productivity for your business.

Our professional offshore agents in the Philippines work under Australian conditions and time zones, and receive Australian holiday and sick leave. We also undertake rigorous testing to ensure our offshore team’s IT security meets Australian standards to safeguard your business. To alleviate communication breakdown, we provide our agents with VoIP phones so regular contact is guaranteed. Most importantly, we undertake comprehensive training with each agent to ensure all KPIs are met under our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your business. Training manuals are professionally documented and provided to your business for transparency and sign-off for the work our offshore team will do for you.

Our Monthly Fee

We provide an all-inclusive monthly fee for each offshore agent required by your business. This fee includes set-up of our agents with a desktop computer with video camera, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, VOIP phone, Windows operating system, Microsoft 365 applications and Time Doctor performance monitoring system.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Reduction in employee costs – We can cut your administration costs by 80% to help you save on wage costs, payroll processing, equipment, office space etc.
  • Improvement on productivity – We evaluate productivity measures of agent to ensure high efficiency and high-quality work is always undertaken by using an online productivity management system.
  • Increased focus on business development – Offshoring your administration and non-core business work allows for your team to focus more on developing your business.

Types of Work Outsourced

  • Bookkeeping and AP/AR
  • Data entry
  • Invoice and statement processing
  • Purchase Order processing
  • Report generation
  • Email and diary management
  • Data mining and research
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Receptionist
  • Customer service and more

Steps for Set-Up


We get to know the unique requirements of your business to identify what areas have the greatest outsourcing potential to reduce costs and improve your baseline.


We build and train the offshore team based on the tasks to be outsourced, partnering your business with the most efficient and talented agents.


We integrate and align all systems and software of the offshore team with your business’ IT to ensure a smooth transition in communication and connectivity.


We monitor the performance of the offshore team, providing monthly reporting and regular training sessions to ensure complete optimization with your business.